Recruits needed for working on a video game

Hello all!
Me and my brother are in the proccess of creating an OS idependant game in C++. The game is going to be 3D “diablo-ish” in type, I say that because I don’t know what that type of game is called. It’s not role playing…

Anyhow, we hope that the game will sell someday. But nothing like that is planned right now. So if you want to join, you probably wont get paid, unless we do sell the game. Basically it’s a free project that may get sold someday and wont be hosted on sourceforge; it will be private.

If you are interested, and have the following skills, please e-mail ([email protected]):
C++ programmer, preferablely who knows OpenGL well
Python programmer who understands the basics of vectors, filehandling, and such.
Artist: Texture, 3D, 2D, etc… (any artists will be welcome!)

Note: Any artists who would do 3D modeling must have Blender3D (
Although you may be allowed to use another 3D program, the finished product will be exported from Blender

Thanks for your time, I hope you are interested.


that style of game has a few styles for a name actually… and diablos style IS one of them lol.
3/4th persective hack n slash/dungeon crawl
action rpg depending on your source weather it be the camers views or the magazienes views.

as for further help… i know nothing of c++ or python… and my blender skills are mediocre at best… my dev art page proves that.
but i can offer minor advice through my times as a beta tester for many games.

storyline is important but is NEVER the selling point of such a style game.
as with ANY game… glitchs will completly ruin peoples enjoyment and opinion of the game.
Lots and lots of stuff… games like that are known for thier endless levels of customization and treasures to find… you have to decide to take one of 2 paths… to make a game that proves its point and its over with… rarely played again… or you focus on its level of continual replayability… those that tried to do both faild to achieve past medipcre results for either aspect.
graphics arent overly important as long as the animations are smooth and it all controls well
take a part of your programming team and set them aside for “balance” issues… look through ANY rts , rpg or diablo style game and the first main patches ALWAYS have adjustments to balance… those that pay no atention to it always get roasted hard in the reviews of gamers and especially mag ads.
dont over do it…one of the things that most programmers… writers and movie directors speak about is having a hard time knowing when they are going too far… and end up doing things that have no relevance to the “natural flow” of the story… and though as “cool” as thier scene was… it only dragged the flow of things down and needed to be cut out… so if you have your doubts on weather to add or take something out of the game… ask yourself “how does it affect the flow of the game”

ok… im rambeling.