rectangular collision detection demo

(wiseman303) #1

This method is based on my old tank demo, but is much improved.
I use the corner sensors to add a plane up against the collision sphere of the car instead of activating movement actuators like in the old demo.

In this example I used cross-object logic bricks, but messages or python would probably be better.
It’s in the downloads section.

(saluk) #2

Good idea!

I dont like how the car just STOPS when you hit something though, is there a way you could make it slide around more? It seems like with this method that would be hard. If the plane is facing the right way (ideally the same direction as the wall), then it is just a matter of giving the plane a low friction.

(wiseman303) #3

Good point saluk.

I’ll play arround with it and see if I can make it any better.