Recurring Error message ...""can only scale region size from an action zone"

Hi all,

Well i cant find why i sometimes get this very disturbing message when modeling :
“can only scale region size from an action zone”
it just appears at every modification of the mesh …:frowning:

Does anyone knows that message?

So are you saying that when staring out from cube in Edit Mode, when you move a face or edge or vertex you get that message? Where do you see the message?

This message appears everywhere when i open a menu in the 3d view as shown belox… a very annoying message… can anyone help me ?

i actually see it everytime i change from edit mode to object mode … gasp

Ditto here. -_- Same deal. What’s the deal?

Are you two getting blender straight from, or are you compiling from someplace else or getting it from some weird Linux repository?