Recycle campaign -Pop up book (tv spots).

Well, these are three pieces that will be on air soon here in Córdoba. All these made in Blender, with some flares done in AE. (other post were done with nodes in Blender too).
I hope you like it.
I worked hardly almost a week.

some pics, and the animations.



Very good work. It’s always nice to see commercial work done in Blender.

thanks Asano!

they look great, very well done

yes indeed very good work and yes it is good that blender artwork is used for this kind of work

i’m very proud of Blender, and i’m using it for most of my work for tv. Also i’m teaching 3d in three local institutions, and i choose Blender for this task. :wink:
Thanks for all your comments!

an interesting detail: I used the Seb’s camera rig. It’s really great to visualize camera movements as a director. Thanks a lot!

very nice, i would love to see them in 3d, it would add to the effect alot.

do you mean with some volume? The idea was to make a pop up book, that can be reproduced in the real world.

Good work, like Asano said, good to see people making money from a free program :smiley:



all i meant is it would be nice to see the video with the 3d glasses (i know it might not be worth the time, but its just a “cool” thing)

oohh!! Yeeeeeeeeeeees!!! maybe this will be projected on cinemas, here. Soooo, i was thinking hard about doing something with this:wink: