recycle your golgot!

Here is my new picture done with blender and only blender (except the text!)
The blur effect was done with z-blur pluggin and it works so fine!
I hope you will like it

The image is not showing up for me.


I suggest looking for a better host… I’ve seen this image in the blender gallery though… it’s very very good! I like the water an the over all design. the dof is excellent… did you made the grass behind or is it a pic? one crit is the the robot metal skin if you like is too thin… that’s all :slight_smile:

THe grass was done with fiber, and the problem withe the robot teture find no solution!
Blender features are very great for today, but i realy be enjoy if i could know how to use each of them!

great colors and composition

maybe the modeling of the main obiect could be improved, but the rest fit there perfect


that is so cool! :wink:

plop gaban

j’m bcp l’ambiance de ton image mais alors je deteste ce rpbot qui est je trouve tres moche :slight_smile:

en tt cas le reste de l’image est splendide superbe et magnifique


i was saying to gaban that i was in love with the environment he created but that i really dislikes the bot

Wow. I really like it. No crits from me.


c’est vraiment beau! J’adore! Peut-etre tu pourrait beveller le robot juste un petit peu. Meme si tu le voulais aussi “sharp” que sa, c pratiquement impossible davoir des coté aussi droit que sa ds la vrai vie…alors bevel le un tout petit peu et sa va etre encore MEILLEUR!


I would write this in French, but I don’t remember enough. :expressionless:
The blur looks really nice and I like the robot alot!
My only crit/question:
What’s that blue stuff on the robot? Is that rust?


Great work! The coloring, the composition, the idea. Congrats!

Just some quick crits - the robot modelling looks like it could use some smoother edges. The mouth in particular looks too sharp.

The colouring of robot skin doesn’t really do it for me. I like the patchiness of it, but I don’t understand the colouring being used.

Now that I’ve got that over with, I love the water in particular. It looks like real water to me. I also like the grass behind and the scene in general.

I like the concept of the whole thing with the dismembered robot rotting/rusting away in a stream. However, the scene itself is pretty clean for a robot graveyard. :smiley:

I like the blurring effect. I’ve never tried any kind of DOF techniques yet and I hope that I can create the same realism when I try it.


Awesome. Great piece.


It’s awesome. Just that.

J’aime la liquid, c’est tres realistique! Une bevel c’est vraiment bon pour la model. au revois. Je prefere utiliser la language d’anglais. C’est ne pas trés difficile.

“Est-ce que je peux aller aux toilettes?” and “Aimes-tu coucher avec des chèvres?” is all the French I know…

Anywho, I really like this, and there’s nothing to say that already hasn’t been said. Good work.