Red Alert 3

I just picked it up yesterday. I like it a lot so far. Has anyone else on this board bought it? Is anyone planning to?

I have beaten the computer on medium once and easy a few times. I play 1 2v2 game and lost.

You gotta love the corny cut scenes!

Nope, I’m still trying to beat the GDI Croatia mission in C&C: Tiberium Wars. :spin:

I did take a look at the Red Alert 3 website though; some of the Japanese units look pretty cool. (King Oni anyone?)

I have only played with the Soviet’s but the Japanese units seem cool because they transform. This is going to be a fun game. You should really consider getting it!

I’m still playing Renegade. :wink:

I’ve read reviews that are mixed at best with this game among gamers.

Some people don’t like how the resource collecting was dumbed down to using ore mines instead of fields and say the units look like a toystore. The mini-map not being fully textured and a lot less useful to click on it, and 2v2 being automatic meaning you can’t pick who you want to play.

Don’t forget you now have the famous DRM running at all times on your computer, hope it doesn’t affect Blender performance.

Some people love the game though, that’s the other side of the mixed reviews.

While the DRM issue drives up up a wall, mainly the install limited to 5 installs As you can see from the below article they scaled back on the DRM. I don’t understand why RTS games spend so much $$ on DMR because hacked copies can’t play on the internet and the only reason to play an rts is to play online. But on the other hand I know compaines want to protect their investment. No fighting about DRM please:)

I love how the collecting is dumbed down, while I think generals nailed the mining perfectly RA3 is pretty good. I only have about 4 hours into the game, but so far I am impressed. My all time favorite RTS’s are Starcraft and C&C Generals. RA3 looks promising. I wasn’t planning on getting it when SC2 was rummored to come out for xmas 08 but now that it has been bumped I need something to play.

I love how the collecting is dumbed down

I like the old method of collecting resources, in a way it allows you to attack an enemy’s supply line out of range of the middle of his base and cripple his military buildup.

Seriously, you like dumbed down aspects of C&C!? Supply lines has been a key aspect of the series, and so is severing the lines of an enemy.

Take for example, Age of Empires 1,2, or 3. Where you have a ton of random resources to need. Or the other extreme Supreme Commander where 90% of the game requires you to build resource buildings. While all those games are fun way too much time is spent on mining.

Supply lines are fun to go after but with RA3 you can still slow production by targeting the building or miner going back and forth. I know the Soviets have a unit that kills the miner no matter what as long as the unit gets to the miner alive, and trust me those things are fast!!!

Well, The Hoff approves, so it must be good!