Red and Gold Retro Robot

Enjoy this 3D model (not yet textured, rigged, animated, ect).

Updated here. Previous one below and back side on next post.

Was going for a retro robot look. It was looking to turn out that way until I textured him…He’s now more of a toy than a homage to stereotypical science fiction of the classical type. Regardless, I’m not finished texturing him (the cap materials, for example, don’t fit in the scene very well) and I’m not finished rigging him (oh yes folks, he moves) and I’m gonna love posing and animated him and putting him in a good setting.

Criticism is VERY much appreciated (the cap is obvious so I know that already).

P.S. minimized to 8 bit F.Y.I. Sorry, Blenderartist doesn’t like 16 channel.

Update with textures and in better scene here:

Sorry for the changes and the posts not matching up entirely. Admin moved my posts around and, unfortunately, did a poor job that made things bad. Not their fault (they have a lot of stuff to go through) but still, something I needed to fix.