Red and Stone

Finally finished this scene :slight_smile: I let loose my imagination with architecture, but it was influenced by existing roman and gothic types of building. Created in Blender 2.76, using HDRI map, lots of subsurf and cups of cofee. Own models exept trees :slight_smile: I like to hear some critics or improvement sugesstion for the future projects. Thank you all



Critics or improvements? Hardly seems appropriate with such a masterpiece. I mean, some people say one always has to add a figure in an architectural work in order to proportionate the building. But this just radiates glory and magnificence. Well done with the modeling and the texturing. Five stars from me.

Thank you Joarn, i will think about the figure :slight_smile: I dont know where to put it, maybe i will rework this after while, i was thinking about paintover in PS as well.

Modelling and materials is just beautiful, but composition could be better because image looks a bit cropped. Trees are flat and too much blured, but in this case its okay, glare node should have less distance imao, anyway its georgeous!

I agree that composition is where it could be improved - but it’s outstanding as it is, really impressive!

Oh dang, all I can say is that this render is absolutely breathtaking!!!

Very impressive, you gave a lot of love to the detail and the colors are great. For the compositing and figure part, maybe put something like this up there in the sky? :wink:

Thank you all for comments ! I will think about the composition and the point of interest.

Absolutely wonderful! Great care for details :slight_smile:
As for improvements: I agree that there is no background, only foreground and maybe the perspective is “fake”… Have you used real scale measures?

conform this

areas there are still a lot of noise when lighting thru secondary bounces - please in finish version let render pic to no noise version

Thanks for post ! you are right, i will render it with 1500 samples, instead of 500 and i also thinking about rendering in 4K and downsampling it. I will post the result

Hello, thanks for comment > no real scale, only aproximation because its non-existing architecture. And what do you mean by “fake” perspective ? maybe i can correct this, but i dont know what you mean by that

clap clap clap x 15 minutes!!!

Really nice work! Have you thought about doing any closeup renders?

Thank you ! i will do some closeup later, i must find good spots because this scene was created just for this angle :slight_smile:

10/10 on modeling! Those bricks look huge though. The composition is pointing to the sky, but there is nothing in the sky. Make some clouds or mountains.

Oh man it’s an awesome work I love it.
My only hints are about composition.
1: Try to get a wider view, let the viewer see to top of the dome.
2: Balance it (top left) with a cloudy sky, something more dirty.
3: Make the entire shot a bit more dirty, for example make it easy and just add a photoshop 10% multiply overlay with a grunge paper texture.
Awesome, awesome, i love that sunset warm light, it’s like Rome and Istanbul.