Red Arremer (update on pg2. NUDITY)

2453 triangles! He’ll be for UT2k4 and maybe Q4 if I do a normal mapped version.

it is nice.
can’t say much for now but it looks really good.
waiting for updats :smiley:

He looks awesome especially for how many polys. Structure looks good too. Is he going to be able to use his wings in game or are they just for show?

can’t wait to see it textured!


if it is for UT2k4 i assume they are only show… don’t think that game handles wings at all… has any skeleton there wings support at all?

he’ll have a custom skeleton and custom animations.

some udpates

This is a great model. As the new update image was loading the first thing that stuck me was the resemblance to “Tambourine” from the cartoon “Dragonball” The faces are very similar. Just thought I’d share that. Keep the updates coming!! 8)

i don’t watch any dbz/db/dbgt/whatever.

Starting on his high poly mesh

That is very nice.

Normal mapping is pretty easy… export to obj, download and run MeLODy from the NVidia website, and they call blender’s style of UV map, “decal maps”… you do not even need to import the .obj back into blender, because MeLODy spits out normal map for you, using the UV coordinates you chose.

In fact, MeLODy has a tool for Unreal models, but I am not sure what it does.

I luv it can’t wait to see it textured go on:)

Great model. Wish I could do things like that.

Awesome. I’d love to see a .blend

minor changes. (Nudity warning)

i’m not sure for his legs and olbecs (muscles outside the abs and above the love handles)

when i’m finished i may release a .blend maybe but i donno.

Hey man,

looks really great, i’d wish my models would look like this.

Good work.

nice how mabe you could add some fangs on it.

The fangs are an alpha plane, that way skinners can shape his teeth any way they want.

Some update, corrected porportions greatly, and more muscle. I will start working on the feet and wings shortly. Wings will be muscular like his arms actually

Also, can a moderator please move this topic to the Focused Critique section?

good work takes notes for own wip
i like the look of your model. i do believe though that his torso is a little stiff (abs are maybe just a bit too hardcore) and his quads were in need of fine tuning. although, your last shot was from behind so i cant tell if youve already adressed these.
keep it up…

Why does he have a penis? WIll he be using it in the animation? I think it would be hard to animate. :wink: I just think it seems out of place, kind of gives him a comical pornstar look.

cheapy simply likes big digs on his gargs… %|