Red Bar while trying to export

Hiya. I am having a problem with something in exporting an .obj file. So long story short around 3 hours ago my blender crashed whilst I was editing the .obj file, and from there on out I cannot export any .obj files, it giving me a red bar at the top of the exporting screen (as shown in the picture). I have been so godamn angry about this because all I want to do is create the file and finish it. I would really love if someone could help me with what’s going on. I have tried reinstalling blender, making a completly new .obj file, clearing up space for the file. I really don’t know what else to do since all my friends said that they don’t know what the problem might be caused by. I am having so much trouble with this and I just want to finish this.




The red bar is only there to warn you that you’re trying to save a file with the same name as an already existing file in the target folder - in this case: sang.obj.

If you’re sure you want to do that, just click “Export”, regardless of the red bar.
If you don’t want to overwrite the existing file, change the name of the file to be exported.