Red Baron

I think I’m done with this one. A small piece I’ve been meaning to do for ages, as I do find the Red Baron an interesting character. But without any further, here’s a little pic I did of him.

Blender internal render, composition and post pro done in photoshop.


I think that everything needs a better texture. the plane needs to be more detailed and so does the red barons face. I love that grass.

hi nice render !

I didn’t think necessary to put anymore details on the plane, than there already is, as most of them wouldn’t even be visible in the pic, but do tell what more details you are missing.

There actually is a bumpmap on the barons face, but the resizing hid it pretty nicely.

I think it looks decent, not sure weather to put more details on his face, i think you could tweak the light so that his right side of his face is not too dark as it is right now. I know the dark “edge” shows of form but i think you could avoid it being as black as it is now.

I would love to see the plane (The top one) from above to show off the nice profile of the wings and to see the rest of the plane. You already see the front of it below where he is standing next to it …

other than that it looks nice to me.