Red Blood Cells

Here’s an image I made last night. Of course, inspired by Ztonzy’s red blood cell’s in the Blender Book. I just wanted to try out some of the functions I had just learned about (THANK YOU VIDEO TUTORIALS!). It was just a test really, but I think it has good composition. And I added a robot just for contrast.

good job

Thats great '; , nice compostion of the cells, say where abouts are these video tutorials, i would be most thankful to know?

woo i like it a lot
good job!!

Nice! I sense Blender 2.35 splash screen. :slight_smile:

I like it. Maybe some more blood cells would be cool, ie, platelets and white blood cells.

bloody good! :slight_smile: I like the dark feeling like you are inside of a person blood stream. maybe more translucency to the erythrocyts?

Very nice, the lighting and mood is excellant and the robot fits in quite well.

Ugh, wouldn’t want that robot in my system!

Very nice mood! I like the glow, too!

hey its jake 2.0 i love that program :smiley: looks awesome

I think that robot is a cell repairing nanobot :o

It looks great

you will be assimilated

I think the robot would fit in better if it had red light illuminating it, seeing as it’s surrounded by red. :wink:

At the moment it draws too much attention away from the rest of the pic.

very good job - as said before, more blood cells would only add to the detail. :slight_smile:

Btw, could you point me to some video tuts - ive never actually seen any for Blender!

Very nice done, nice glow and indeed if it’s a little brighter and more contrast it would be a very nice blender splash screen.

Btw, where can I find those blender video’s?

By the looks of it it does make since, the cell it’s on looks a little destroyed. :wink:

Where have you guys been? The video tutorials are out there. Here are the links for the two video tutorials that I learned off of:


Ramp Shaders:

Look around for more. There has only recently been a few releases of videos (most are beginner), but there are some advanced ones out there too.

A quick update (a little brighter, a little bit of red tint to machine):

the red lamp is much better good job

Simple et beautiful, I like a lot.
Blood, I want more blood. :<

Here is the VERY FINAL (sorry) image. It is much brighter, I added a little bit of AO and slightly repositioned two cells.