i used for this the Disclombulator Skript and SimbiontBlender. hope u will like it :smiley:


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that looks awsome man evry one uses the discombobulator now lol great lighting

the image is great.
can someone tell me what discombobulator is plz’

Hehe nice job!! Although I have no clue my self on what the discombobulator. But the name of it alone sounds quite awesome :smiley:

whoaa! thx for the very fast and nice feedback.

the disclombulator >>>

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tnkx obi, nicee plugin

I’m gonna have a look at that plugin, this scene is totally freakin coowl, amazing job. Yafray I presume?

Btw, what does “SimbiontBlender” do then?

no, >>> internal.

SimbiontBlender= used for the material.

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I really like this. Great use of the script and excellent lighting work.


Ohh, so cool - makes me think about a small civilasation on a foreign planet :stuck_out_tongue:
Great work!

Did you manage to generate the flatter parts from a plane or did you have some topology there already?

Awesome work–nice composition and good lighting.



SimbiontBlender= used for the material.

Is that what gives it that gritty, sharp realism? It is simply beautiful. With more depth, it could look like a futuristic city.

Wow, that is simply GREAT!!! :smiley:

I’ve never really tried SimbiontBlender or any of the DarkTrees before, but now I have to! :slight_smile:

The flat city looks a lot like Albuquerque, NM. :slight_smile:

This could be the new splash screen of 2.38 / 2.4, whatever the next release is called

Looks great- I especially like the second one

only thing that kinda bothers me is those streaks of light ojnt he background- a bit contrasting and not really serving a purpose (are they?)- jsut my humble opinion

Very nice picture! And great use of the disclombulator script! Does anyone know were to find SimbiontBlender. Google doesn’t find anything…

thx, thx !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Kåre:
DarkTree Shader>>>

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Woah, thats nice!

but how do you get the SimbointBlender thing going?


1- download
2- that
3- and
4- install SimbiontBlender
5- copy the dll (dtedyn_253.dll) in the blender directory.
6- open blender
7- open the skript window
8- and take simbionblender (materials>SimbiontBlender)
9- now add a material for the object
10- add a texture (use plugin)
11- click load plugin and open the simbionblender.dll (in > …\blender-2.37-windows.blender\plugins\SimbiontBlender)
12- go the skript window and click add skript
13- and browse
14- take on of the the dark tree shader (with the ending .dstc) and load
15- click C+N in the texture window (F9).
16- and update

thats all! %|

you can find a description in official page, too:


Download the SimbiontBlender installer for Win32 here: SimbiontBlender 0.3 Installer
Note: the above distribution is non-functional because it does no-longer installs the DarkTree Engine dll in the Blender working directory. The DTE dll cannot be included with SimbiontBlender because under the GPL Blender cannot be linked (statically or dynamically) with any non GPL compatible binaries. The only way to use SimbiontBlender without violating the GPL is to write a GPL-compatible replacement for the DTE.

The SimbiontBlender installer should put everything in the correct place for you. When installing, be sure to select the correct installation directory as no checking is done. The directory you want is the one with blender.exe in it.

Requires a full python install, and a recent version of Blender.

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ps: and sorry for my baaaaad english :wink: