Red Dragon Head (with a body now!)

Hey everybody,

I added a body to my red dragon head. I also shortened his horns so half of his mouth protrudes past them. I’m probably going to texture his claws next. Please let me know what you think!

After posting, I realized his front claws look weird, I’ll try to fix that; and also give him some teeth.

btw, anybody know how to attach these images to my post as little thumbnails?

well, you can upload them here (i think it does thumbs). or you can use imageshack or something like it that will automatically generate a thumbnail to post.

As to the model, I think the bumps on the bump map are too big. If it’s a procedural, turn down the size and nor values. I also think there’s too much spectularity in the material / lighting. Try making more lights instead of a few with high energy.