Red Dragon Intro - Chinese Tales

Hi all,

I’d like to show you my latest animation which has been slightly post-produced in Blender. A 2D animated series about ancient Chinese tales, called “Red Dragon”. As usual, everything has been made by me, including original music, plot, animation, direction, and the rest. The intro is embedded here, chapters will be published at

Whatdya think? :confused:

Colorful and simplistic. It does have the nice feel of a show for kids to listen to the stories of the East.

I’d like to make it for kids, but unfortunately, these old tales are not for kids, it happens the same with “Arabian Nights” tales, they are not for kids… Most of the times some things from the tales can’t be eliminated because it would actually harm the beauty of the tale.

It’s still a good animation. I completely understand the quality suffers if edited. I definitively mistook it as a opening for a kids show.