Red Dragon

(Anayo) #1

The underbelly needed more detail, I think. ~.-… Among other things.

(lirmont) #2

That’s pretty cool! Right now, though, it looks like he’s missing a leg. Also, would the hind legs be the same type of legs (bend/elbow/ankle-wise) as the front ones? Anyway, I really like the your style of coloring.


(Anayo) #3

Doh! I did not notice that absent leg. Arigato.

As far as the differing structure of front legs and back legs, I think I was aiming for this.

Thanks about the coloring. ^^

I ought to draw another dragon to solve this one’s problems.

(NorinMHX) #4

Great Job, looks great. If you have time I am in need of some good dragon reference drawings, and as I cannot draw, would you be interested in drawing some reference drawings for me.

(Anayo) #5

Is this good?

(NorinMHX) #6

Thats good, thank you much.

(Anayo) #7

If you ever draw a dragon with that let me see it. :smiley:

(Genjix) #8

I think your dragon only has 2 bones in its leg femur and shin… imho it would look better with a proper bending leg and a disproportionatly large ankle back bending bone (like yours). a

something like this


(extremely small femur)