Red girl


(Mobin) #1



Eevee render.

Any tips, criticism and suggestions are welcomed.
looking to improve my work more.
if you want to see the WIP you can view my sketchbook.

(alf0) #2

nice work !!!

(Lincoln Deen) #3

I love it, can’t wait for Daerik to roast it tomorrow. I’d add more slight wavyness/curls to the hair. And maybe increase the SSS radius a touch for the skin. Looks nice!

(Lincoln Deen) #4

Oh, and the ear is whack. I get that ears are hard to sculpts and especially retopo, but it’s pretty essential :grin:

(Mobin) #5


Ty all for comments and Daerik for roast.
I’m still training ear.

(Lincoln Deen) #6

Looks incredible

(Dustin Haynes) #7

Hi - I really like this and you’re close to something really good. Here’s some feedback on a few things that stood out to me.
Her left eye feels a bit cockeyed. I think her left iris needs to be brought up a bit, so you can see just a little bit of white beneath it.
Also I feel that the collarbone could be a bit more defined, and a really subtle hint of cleavage would make the front of her chest feel more defined and less flat.
Final point: The hair feels pasted on and unnatural. Definitely an improvement w/ your second image and the new placement of the rose, but it doesn’t quite feel natural yet. It kind of looks like she has a mullet. Hair is tough to pull off so I don’t have any concrete feedback beyond that.