red head-updated nov 2nd

(slikdigit) #1

just to show I’m still alive I thought I’d post a sortof wip. Not sure where I’m going with this (if anywhere) since I have a couple of other projects in the works. I’m open to suggestions, though.

(blengine) #2

thats really eery! big mouths really freak me out! nicely modeled, looks really good, freaky! get it away!

(S68) #3

:o Impressive!!!

I like it a lot


(Xampersand) #4

Man, I’m a sucker for women with red hair. When you said red head, I was thinking something completely different. But that’s a RED HEAD!

(Eldron) #5

AVATAR! I banish you to the world of pagan!!


(kaktuswasse) #6

very cool indeed! Pretty good modelling job!

cya henrik

(halibut) #7

nice :slight_smile:

how about a dark cave-like throat, i think that would make him more menacing, and maybe a tongue or some teeth, and some long pointed ears :slight_smile:

  • halibut

(slikdigit) #8

About the throat and ears (and intent)
This guy is based on a doodle I used to do over and over again as a child. I’ll try to recreate and upload it tonight. It didn’t have ears, but it did have a huge mouth with giant gnashing teeth. I never drew it below the shoulders- it was some kind of mountain god-illusion.
Its proven very hard to do in 3d. lately I came upon an awesome modelling tute (I’ll post the link if I find it) and decided to the tute with this.
For the mouth I’m debating:
1-cavernous throat + more or less normal sized teeth (there ya go halibut)
2-Huge gnashing teeth ala childhood image
3-another face in the mouth. could be robot.
4-using this guy as the rook in my chess animation. He could have a tree/ent body for red, and a robotic one for white.
In all cases he won’t have ears: they disrupt the rounded triangular flow of the head in my childhood image, and none of my chess characters have them.
The thing is, he might have too much detail for the chess characters- they’re much plainer/cartoonier.
I dunno.
PS thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:
PSS do any of the buttons in posting work for you? (quote, img, smileys?) I’m having to do them by hand.

(rogerm3d) #9

Thats really scary. Can’t wait to see you childhoods nightmare fully done.
Looks pretty good so far. Should join the mesh/remove the doubles.
But your gonna do that when your done right? Also love the way his mouth glows it seems
Just need a scary cave or something for it to be in. :stuck_out_tongue:

(slikdigit) #10

thanks for all the comments:
here’s a quick (8 hour) update:

(blengine) #11

wooooow, tthat is soo weird… what a great idea too =D nice job

the bottom of the big guys mouth seems to still have some doubl;es that werent removed (the seam) and the little heads mouth looks eally weird inside and the bottom =\

fantastic lighting, what kind of lights did u use?

(halibut) #12

nice :slight_smile:

perhaps to make it look slightly more evil, the little guy could have smaller, thinner eyes, and be looking right at the camera :slight_smile:

  • halibut

(slikdigit) #13

thanks for the comments dudes.
to imgranpaboy: I haven’t stiched and welded; so the two halfs of both heads are seperate meshes. ctrl-j followed by rem doubles is all I need, but I won’t do that this early in the modeling. The weird mouth lighting is due to me using negative lights carelessly- I have to size and place them better to darken just the inside of the mouth. the lighting is pretty simple: just a bunch of tight spots with slightly differing colors pointing at the model at slightly differing angles sortoff x mirrored from the camera postion. these spots have a texture applied (wood, i think) to simulate shadows. then there’s some fill point lights scattered around the other side, and a very slight ambience value to the scene. the inner nostrils of the big guy have shadows simulated by negative point lights, same for the mouth of the little guy but that needs some work.
I plan on refining the lighting a bit more.
To halibut: I’m supremely unhappy with the current look of the little guy: I banged him out (for me) really quickly, and didn’t pay any attention to his form, just to his mesh. I’ve got a lot of tweaking to do, and his eyes will either be slit evilly, or they’ll be wide open in a grimace of fear. If i can pull it off there’ll be a couple more ‘modeling surprises’ as this thing progresses.

(macouno) #14

Actually I liked it better with the big empty toothless open mouth.

Brilliant work!!

(S68) #15

/me too liked most first image…

And I like him toothless, has a different mood and attitude.


(slikdigit) #16

okay, here’s a quick attempt to please everyone: