Red Joy (Happy Valentine's Day)

Hi everybody!

Today I want to share with you one of my latest works. It is called “Red Joy” and it’s also part of Made with Love, my personal art project.

Very suitable for enjoying in St. Valentine’s day, isn’t it? :wink:

Some details in real resolution here:

And here:

I hope you like them. Enjoy!!!

You can see more in my website:

You can purchase high quality gicleé prints HERE.

Wow very realistic,great detail,the finest fluff in the rag is done with particle system?All done with cycle?The milk is a sss?

Thank you Marcoso! Yes, yes and yes :wink:

The fine fluff all along the cloth is a particle system. It has been rendered with cycles and the milk is only with SSS white material.
I had to render the whole image in four parts, using the render region addon, which is quite useful in this cases (6828 x 4302 px).
Unfortunately my GPU cannot handle such huge graphics so I had to send the work to my Mac Mini. I cannot remember the render time for each part (maybe eight hours).

No composite. It’s (let’s say) a raw graphic.


Wow! Your artwork has a lot of details (the fabric texture and the cherries, are wonderful), and the lips on the glass. Very good!

Thank you, Sergio! I’m very glad that you like it!

You are a true artist. The little hints you leave in every image makes me want to study it piece by piece.

Thank you, bigbad! You are very kind