Red Kitchen - Luxrender

This is my first work with Luxrender.
Original Render Size: 1800 x 1300
Rendering Time: 8 hs - Core2duo

Thuleke :wink:

out of curiosity where did you get all the models from?

also did you use lowdsicrepancy and bidirectional?
the new lux should be much faster now.

That looks pretty sweet! Though there is some scattered noise about. Though I wouldn’t know how to fix that as I don’t use anything but internal renderer.

for this kind of indirect lighting mainly from the exterior light, 8 hrs would not be enough…i hav this instance where my scene was lit mainly by the sun light outside n indirect lighting from it (of course) … i let the render ran for about 7 days be4 i started to satisfy (the noise from the dark area minimised to the level i can accept) just a little… n i used all my 4 cores for while render

Nice image, but really Luxrender is slow.
8 hrs and still all that noise… damn!

he probably did not add portals to the window or add area lights infront of the window to help out with the gi.

Hi cekuhnen 3d warehouse from google is a good place for models.
This scene:
Area lights in windows
Portal in windows
bidirectional pathtracing
No sun, no environment.


3d warehouse - I did not think about that one.