Red Legend - TV series

Hi all! This is the second trailer for our animated series “Red Legend”, we’re still in production. Oh, and It’s done in Blender, of course!

Chaman Animation

Video is down.

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Very interesting as a promo.

Hey man i just started a blender animated series as well. I’ll definitely check yours out, best of luck to you.

Looks cool. I like the rendering style.

Looking very interesting. And I really like the style!

Thank you guys! We’re trying a this new rendering style (at least for us).

As with everyone else I’m loving the style. The animation is great and I can’t wait to see the complete work. I was a huge wrestling fan as a kid and loved watching all the different styles from the luchadores to the puro and shoot wrestlers in Japan so this look awesome to me :slight_smile:

That’s really good animation…like, really. Not perfect, but I’m still very impressed. Good luck!

Thanks for your comments.

About the style: We’re using freestyle and creating all the details with textures. The idea is to create our own style and get TV stations interested.

Animation: We need to create the episodes as fast and economical as possible, so in this case the animation is limited (we can do better but it would be more expensive for us), this is just a step beyond the blocking stage. So there’s no splining or polishing. This way we can create an episode every two months using 15 animators. The goal is to have three teams working at the same time.

And this is a breakdown showing every step of the animation process:

you guys should make a youtube, it would be so much easier