Red Line in Graph Editor .... What is it? 2.57 Issue

Hello Blender Heads
Blender 2.57
I do not know if this only occurs in 2.57
I have not researched this yet and I have saved files without precise version control.
Is this some defect/incompatibility in 2.57?

I see
red underline
Red Line in Graph Editor … What is it?
The red line occurs underneath the name of graph on left
such as
influence (follow path)

Now my lattice graphs for shape keys have the red lines … and the lattice shape keys are now defective.

Thanks for any assistance

This may be part or not of a animation problem that suddenly appeared
Blender 2.57

= Blender 2.57 (sub 0) System Information =

version 2.57 (sub 0), revision 36147. Release
build date: 2011-04-13, 14:59:44
platform: Windows:64bit

that means the curve needs to be fixed to the mesh again, you can do that by choosing revive selected f-curves from the channels menu in the graph editor :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response
However, everytime I revive the patient graph, the graph flat lines again and alarms sounds, and the red underline appears again.
I do not yet have a solution.
I will attempt apply info from the site

I searched here for the word …revive
I found this link at the Blender Artist Site

I found this link at the Blender Artist Site
yes this is what i’m talking about
now just select the mesh and remove its action in the action editor and then select revive disabled curve and it will work again, and will not detach it self

Some thoughts on the lost lattice shape key weights.

Edit …
This is the first approach I took

In the image below all channel names were generated by Blender.
It appears a naming convention changed at some recent version of Blender Beta 2.5 .
Without spending more than one hour on the history of Blender versions I am guessing the old name was not very user friendly and the new name is better.
This created a defect where the old name could not be recognized without some software written to perform a translation from the old to new.
Thus the software defect exists.
When I attempted to insert new values via the ((I)) keystroke I saw the new names and old names together.
So I am looking at the values from the old and reinserting key weights in manual fashion until each channel looks the same.
If you have a better method I would like to hear.

This manual reinsertion of influence / weights has solved the immediate problem.
I can make no larger statement than that.


I may not be able to understand your intention in the remedy of this problem.
This is Blender 2.57 Beta … with a NLA editor and at this point I am using a Lattice.
I was not able to follow your instructions with desired effect.
None of the items were yet promoted to an action via the snowflake.
If I did promote and delete I could not revive since their was nothing to revive.

now there is a problem in f-curves (the they attach and disconnect), AFAIK blender stores all object curves in an action block, but the shape key curves get stored with the mesh itself.

to solve your problem post your .blend and may help you :slight_smile:

@bat3a thank you for your response and your time.

Please see edited message above FCurve/Driver

Blender 2.57
You are stating facts, but it is not clear to me how those facts can be used to solve the problem.
I would like to move the original graph data to the usable name … instead of manual labor … as stated in a previous message of this thread.
You can speak to me as a software writer if you choose and then we can translate that for the Blender Users.
Lets solve this issue as best we can… not just for me … but for typical person who might encounter the problem at this forum.

The immediate problem is solved in terms of data and lattice behavior for today. One reason I am continuing with this thread is the following. Since I do not understand why it happened I am in a state of distrust with Blender. I suspect the problem may happen again.

I would like to help others who might encounter this same problem.
Here is the approach I would like to take.
If you want to take the time and effort to help me explain the following I would appreciate that effort.

  1. The problem/defect is identifiable in what beta builds of blender. Hopefully easy. There is the red underline and the behavior defect.
  2. It the defect created by user action or just the Blender software itself. Does the software warn the user of consequences of actions?
  3. The steps the user can take to correct the situation and the extent of the correction.
  4. State useful things we know about the problem and what we do not know.
    Does that require me to post a abridged version of the file?

Second approach I took
Quick Excitement Note
I saw another thread. So a suggested action was
Help Menu FCurve/Driver version Fix
I am still evaluating the effect for the case,
but a preliminary sneek peek gave me a good impression.
Bloody details are omitted.
More research is needed.
I have only been testing for one hour

The help menu item