Red Lys

Good evening everyone !

I’m a new user on blenderartists and I decided to join to find inspiration and motivation for personnal projects.
My first post will be about a red lys flower I decided to make from a photo. I hope you guys like it ! It was made using cycles.

It is really stunning! Great job, I love it :smiley: Can you post AO render or screenshot from blender because I can’t belive it’s rendered OO

There you go !
Thank you for your comment ! :smiley:

Nice job! The water droplets add a lot to the image. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the comments guys ! :slight_smile:
Here is the AO pass for you Pawel !

This is amazing. Could you please post a wire render?

Beautiful piece!

So realistic! I find it hard to believe it was modeled. Awesome job!

Wow thank you guys ! At first I was scared it was not good enough compared to what people post on blenderartists :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, here are the solid and wireframe screenshots from viewport, without subsurf :

And sorry for the double post, I didn’t notice I had to wait until post validation !

How did you model such a form for the petals? They look awesome! Also, how did you add the water droplets?

I started from a simple plane, extruded it, and added a few loops, then gave my petal it’s overall shape on side view, scaled the borders on X axis. After this, I added a few loops on the Y axis (4th image) and did a shrink/wrap (Alt+S) on these edges, and eventually added a subsurf on my object.
Of course, you can add more details by adding loops, but this is the main process.
Also I did another smaller petal using the same method and duplicate them alternatively so it goes big, small, big, small, etc.

Oh, also, the droplets were made using a particle system on the petals, that’s why they’re not displayed in the viewport, they were hidden. I made a few droplets like shapes, put them into a group, and used this group as particle.

wow man… it’s awesome… very realistic… render at high samples … for reduce the dof blur or u can do it on image editor :smiley:
btw we share ur work here :smiley: :

With great pleasure :slight_smile:

It’s brilliant, but it feels a little… heavy; almost meaty. I feel like either the bump or the glossy needs to be toned down just a little, and I’d like to see a bit more translucency - but that’s a personal preference. It’s a great image.

Love it! Can you tell us more about how you textured it? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree with you, it looks like meat ! I’ll try that, if it’s working I’ll post a new render :slight_smile:

There is the node setup, but be careful there it’s a little bit messy and probably not the best way to get there !

Basically that’s a lot of translucency, a little bit of diffuse for the little purple dots, and I used fresnel and pointiness to get color variances. Also a few image files :

Beautiful image, maybe you could do the background a less grainy in my opinion.
Did you use compositing nodes for the background image like bokeh or is the effect from the Depth of Field?

It is the Depth of Field from the camera properties, the bokeh node is still very blurry in my mind, because it seems like you need to plug something else than a Z-Buffer, like you need to take a Z-Buffer and make it go through a color ramp, but I don’t get the use of it :confused:

Wow - really beautiful - the red color and water droplets are truly amazing. Nice job!