Red-Nelb Character Rig

This is my first charterer rig in blender, named “Red-Nelb
Feel free to use it but currently is in version 0.4, that’s means to things:
-It´s no ready for production
- Miss some standard features like Fk in Arm/Leg (now only IK), stretchy, etc… In fact I´m working in a completely rebuild of Arms and Legs solutions So, use at your Risk!

             "Red-Nleb" is a excuse to test and implement rigging comcepts,                  in this version the 
             focus is in to use the minimum controls in viewport without                  lost functionality.

Download Red-Nelb v0.4 (16mb with blends, videos and images)

Have fun


If you have download problems with the link, try in


Really nice! I’ve been wanting to see how this one works since the blender conference!
(I was the guy with the other character with all these visual helper objects blocking the viewport, I asked you quite a number of questions about rigging and how you set this little dude up)

downloading now.

Thnx in advanced, downloading now.

Hello Pepe,

I have seen it already in your website. Really nice rig. Thank you and good luck with final improvements.

PS: Also looking forward your new short (will it be in Blender?) ;-)))

very nice, thanks for releasing! someone already posted it to the blender forum on cgtalk too! :slight_smile:
and made a simple walk-cycle with it too! :wink:

plus one to that, too! :slight_smile:

tries to catch his eyetargets:
Shot at 2007-10-21
ps. Aside from the missing FK and stretchy, what part of the rig is not production ready?
what would a rig need to be production ready?

I am no happy with the ik arm solution, there are better solutions than this

The main thigs for me are standard features (IK,FK, Stretchy …) stability and usability.

Blender has a great tools for rigging, I missing some fundamentals rig tools but in general I am happy with the possibilities.


Thanks for releasing this. I’ve been a fan of your animation work for almost five years now and I’m glad to see you delve into Blender!

Thanks again!

What fundamental tools are missing? I’m asking since I’m a hobbiest and don’T have experience with other tools. Maybe if you could name them we can at least tell em to the devs to try to get them into blender. Remember this is an Open Source effort, when something is missing we have to tell so that someone can decide if it is going to be implemented.

I think he showed a good bit of what he ment during the conference.
I’m more curious about a precise list of what he means.

What is standard?
It has IK, do you mean not allow the targets to be pulled away from the body or something?
Stretchy shouldn’t be to hard for a pro like you.

Some things I found in the rig (remember the hint you gave me about targetless IK bones for the fingers?). One thing I found was that the fingers were extremely sensitive, and would easily bend the wrong way. Do you plan to fix that, or is it by design for the sake of freedom?
There’s more but I’d have to pin it all down first.

Or do you mean like this panel/window thing were all the parameters you might need to animate/all the things you could stick to a single bone, are in one place?

For Me:
-FK-IK Arms and Legs
-Strechy Arms and Legs
-Multiple foot´s pivots
-Easy to use
-Precipitable behavior

Yes, It´true, many times don´t have “precipitable behavior”, need to set a better implementation :slight_smile:


Hi Musk!

Some things for me are:

-Everything animatable paradigm
-Custom attributes ( see thevideo: )
-Ipo drivers into same bone armatures



Thank you for this very interesting rig.

About the missing features “FK-IK Arms and Legs”, why don’t you use the same rig like for fingers (which are IK-FK I think) ? Is there a reason to not use the same rig, without “target object” in the constraint (perhap’s it’s too sensitive)?

Have you got an idea of a “date release” for the next version of your rig :slight_smile: ?

Oh, and thank you to use Blender, because, you’re a great animator. Your videos are very fun and really professionnals ;).

Great… I’ll definitely have a look…

It was nice to meet you at the conference by the way.

btw… I couldn’t find your secret video, found something that said yes, but apparently that wasn’t it :wink:

Hello first i want to say that i love the charecter that you had made in blender…

I must say that i haven´t read the posts quite. But i has watched almost all your animations on your web site!!

THEY ARE SO COOL. Love the small non-detailed figures. And maybe it is because your are that great to animate them…

I would love if you read a tutorial about how to model and rig one of your small non-detailed charecters. That would be great!!
Think about it!

Hello Daniel,

this looks really promising. I suppose you may be interested in this rigging improvements: