Red-Nelb v0.8 with the Psl-Man armature rig

Hello all

I’ve just upload a new version of Red-Nelb character rig, this time v.08. Basically is the
same Psl-Man armature with the shape of Red-Nelb. In the link you can find a demo video and the blend file

Have fun!


Thanks for sharing! I’m curious, what methods/techniques did you use on Psl-Man’s face rig?

Just simples bones with skin, only that :slight_smile:


Pepe, big thank for the rig!!! I was playing with it this morning and it is really fun and easy to animate him. Excellent job!
Bending bones and broken hierarchy are super cool!

Just one question. Is there any way how to use seamless FK <-> IK switching (without hopping) in Blender 2.5x? Blender 2.4x had copy visual location/rotation feature for this. But I have no idea how to do this in 2.5. Any help or tips? Thank you in advance.


Thank you very much pepeland!
I’m trying to figure out how are the fingers curling :slight_smile: There’s apparently no shapekeys, no bones… is it magic? :smiley:

Edit: Found them :stuck_out_tongue: hidden they are

Great work Pepe!

I’ve found a little bug: the right leg bendy knee controller works only for the upper leg. The lower leg works when using the other controller (left).

I’m on OSX with Blender 2.53. Maybe it’s just my build.

Anyone else?

Yup! Same here on Ubuntu blender r31000

I have a question- where is the x-ray mode for viewing bones? The spine and head are mostly hidden, but selecting all , A key, shows that they are there.

Thanks alot for sharing this quality rig with us Pepeland :slight_smile:
I’m sure this will become the standard rig all aspiring character animators in blender, fantastic!
Btw I still have warm memories of those old Arnold renderer promo/test animations you made all those years ago :slight_smile:




Uploaded with[/IMG]

Good question! I have no idea :frowning:


thx pepeland, that’s what I thought! for some crazy reason my build from July 21 doesn’t have it :confused: crazy beta software! :yes:

Hi there,

Great rig, thanks for sharing. I have a problem when I open this file in 2.53. All the text and buttons/sliders go screwy and it’s impossible to read anything.

Is this is a common error? It only seems to happen with this file, but I have to shut down and re open Blender, for the text to be readable. Help?

yeah, i’ll comfirm that bug. just uncheck “Load UI” & it works ok.

Nice one M-A, that fixed it ! Thanks for the quick response, too. :]

Amazing rig! Thanks!

Amazing it works perfectly now!


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Pepe, this is just awesome! Thanks for sharing the Red-Nelb, really appreciated!

Here are some of my test poses with the Red-Nelb.