Red one suport

i was just thinking to myself today it would be cool if blender had RED one support, i came home to find out that it seem the devs are one step ahead as i found out here

RED is the native shooting format for the RED line of HD/3k/4k/5k cameras

good looking out devs;)

Well, that was fast of them. Those mind-reading powers of theirs…

Now the question is, how many people own a computer that can manage to play back video that size. Editing video this size where you have 3 or 4 (or more) tracks being cut together is going to tear your hard drive a new one.

users that can afford a RED camera can afford massive hard drives.

After Durian the compositor should be able to handle 4k material just fine. :slight_smile:

Dang, Just looking at a 1080p monitor for my lounge… but this 4K 5K stuff would put that to shame.

Do we need all this detail? what happened to the day when we read books and walked to school barefooted in the snow eh?

…And a render of 1 frame of 868x576 in Superbryce beta 10a would take a week on a 33Mhz MacIIfx with as much as 16Mb ram…?!?