Red Rose

ive been away from blender for a few months due to school, but now ive got 3 months ahead of me with absolutely nothing to do. thought id start off by making a rose as a bit of practice.

i think the stem is kind of letting it down. dont really know how to improve it, its just a deformed cylinder right now.

edit: updated pic, noticed a bit of clipping between the petals
and now with sepals

Truley warming and cozzy!Jus one thing though,is it me or do the petals look abit too plasticy(i might be wrong since im half asleep)

I think the petals are kind of thick, and yes, you need sepals (?) at the top of the stem. However, the overall impression is good.

and the final version, less plastic looking more toony looking. im happy with the thickness of the petals, dont think they really need changing.

LOVE IT!!!4 stars from me!!:smiley: :wink:
What kinda lighting did you use by the way?:confused:


lighting wasnt too complicated, done with just a spotlight from above which highlighted the inner parts of the petals and their edges and another lamp from below to make the outter petals a bit more visible.

couldnt quite get the lighting perfect so i just fiddled with the material of the front petals so they were less reflective to draw more focus into the center.

damon its a great rose but i came up with the idea chnage the backround
and addd texture to stem i did that … looks good also YAFRAY IT