red Stenia

acrylics on canvas, 70 x 50 cm

I’d give you five stars but I can’t find them for some reason. Very, very nice work. I’d gladly take classes.

Keep them painting.

You are good , dunno how the light was in that room. Looks that where much ambient light.

CubOfJudahsLion : You can learn to draw by yourself but you must have ambition , in the art classes the teacher only show you some basic things learned from books letting you to develop the skill , only thing it is that you will meet there other passioned ones that will enjoy helping you with “trusting” your skills , if you have the money for a life drawing course then go for it.

Either learning with others or by yourself keep one thing in your mind “Keep it original”. And if you find a teacher that say “Hey you draw that hand wrong !!” shift it for other that
say “I show you how it can be done!”

I have meet lots of “teachers” that give me the words “if you dont like dead nature i cant teach you” AHAM ?!

That`s why i learn by my own , and i can find confident artist on the net that learned by own and with real critics that helps.

Good tips! I’ll do that and maybe some day I’ll learn to draw! :slight_smile: Yay!

“Ambient” light aside, the lighting looks like daylight to me from the strong speculars and the abundant reflected light (greenish shades, mostly past terminators). You recognize a strong technique from the ability not just to observe but to translate the knowledge to the canvas. His style is strongly chromatic, but I’m not going to criticize style. Once again, mallow, my four thumbs up.

Thanks. I`m glad that you like it :slight_smile: