Red uv stretch

Hello ! I’m always getting RED coloring when I unwrap with simple project from view. Is it necessary to have BLUE for correct textures or will this simply work as expected ?

Is there no one that can help me ? or did I confuse you ?

In Blender 2.66a, go to “UV/Image Editor” and press N to show the Properties Panel. Then select the color you want.

Hi thanks for jumping in but I think I confused you. That red color is actually an indicator that the UV is stretched according to Blender ( notice on the right under Display I have the Stretch checkbox enabled with the area selected.

Normally Blender says it’s best to have BLUE color indicated when that checkbox is enabled ( indicated no stretching ) but this always seems to happen with my unwraps and I can’t figure out if this is a glitch or it simply doesn’t matter if it thinks it’s stretched.

I hope I make sense of what my problem is.

BTW I’m using the custom V-ray exporter 2.66 from here.

Is there no one who can help me ?

No ideas anyone ? Maybe I’m not asking where I should …

You just selected all (or at least all the faces you wanted to unwrap) in the 3D view while in Edit Mode and pressed U -> Project from View, nothing else ?

If it’s the case, you should upload the blend, of all the “project from view” i did i have never seen a fully red stretched UV, a blend could be usefull to see what’s going on.

That’s correct that is all I did. However I think this could be a bug as my textures are looking fine in GLSL and when renderer so I think it might be a problem with the Blender Vray exporter as this is not an official Blender release. I will attach a blend when I get the chance and also might post on the Blender to Vray forums to see if it’s not something localized.

Thanks for replying !