My latest work:

Hope you like it. :o

Yeah, that’s really nice modeling, I like the style you’ve chosen, a sort of cartoony/game style yet with some realism about it, it’s really nice.
Did you use subsurf modeling or poly-poly?

You might want to work a little bit more on the face and paws. The pose and expression are nice but that doesn’t seem quite like the Red XIII from FF7. You can dig up tonnes of references from Google.


Not sure what you mean by subsurf vs poly-poly.

I just modeled this in low poly and often extrude edges/faces. I turned on subsurf as well when I work, since Blender’s subsurf display is so nice.


Yep, I forgot about some textures on the face, I’ll try and fix it some time soon. I wanted to paint texture to fake the toes but it was getting late and I was tired.

Thanks for comments guys.

I meant, simply, how did you make it :smiley: