red, yellow, and blue

hey I was messing around with the “render raytracing” on the blender internal engine and came up with this… in the background of the image you can see green, and the actual reflections of the walls are red yellow and blue, no green…kinda cool that that happened.

anyways… I couldn’t get yafray to work… I don’t know how to set up the lights so that its bright enough to see anything.

Nice. Very artistic.

Could do with better lighting though.

Add a few more lamps and it should look good. :wink:

bleieve it or not, there are 4 spots in that room… its only a box with a sphere and all the walls and floor are ray refleced so it creates the feel of expanse.

I’ll try taking the reflective quality off of the floor and ceiling and see if that looks better.

Edit: There…this looks better…more clean.