Redesign (artwork and some modelling) needed for 3D charachters.

Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of creating my own game (a little side project of mine), which is a 3D fighting game of sorts.
the charachters which I’ve used were downloaded from various free sources (belndswap, turbosquid) but now that I’m nearing release I would like to have them altered and have some new and original assets to replace them.

The charachters themselves are already animated and rigged, so what needs altering are the textures and models. They are quite basic, not very high res - the game is intended for mobile devices.

Of course this is a paid job, what I require is (I’ll send the models to be altered to anyone who is interested in taking the job):
5 different charachters to be altered and redesigned.
3 different arenas (mostly floor textures and a few ornaments) need to be altered and redesigned.
All of which are Blender models of course.

Please contact me via PM here for more details and offers.

Yiftah (do not under any circumstances try and pronounce my name as it may break your tongue).

Message Sent, Hope to hear from you soon.