Redhat 9 Blender, Tuhopuu2, Wings3d, RPMS for download

To all-

Orginally developed to make my life easier, my Redhat 9 RPMS for Blender, Tuhopuu2, and Wings3d are now available for general download.

Matt over at was kind enough to allocate disk space and WWW access to all of the RPMS, Thanks Matt!

Here’s the basic instructions to get things started.

Download them at:

Installing Blender & Tuhopuu2 (They both can be installed at the same time, and will appear as /usr/bin/blender and /usr/bin/tuhopuu2)

  1. su to root (you must be root to install a RPM)

  2. rpm -Uvh blender-2.28c-1.rh90.i686.rpm openal-1.1-1.i686.rpm

3(optional) rpm -Uvh tuhopuu2-2.28c-1.rh90.i686.rpm

Installing Wings 3d

  1. su to root (you must be root to install a RPM)

  2. rpm -Uvh wings-0.98.16b-1.i686.rpm libesdl0-0.93.0909-3.i686.rpm erlang_otp-R9C.0-1rh9.i686.rpm

********************** IMPORTANT NOTE ****************************

Redhat 9 by default uses alpha cursors under XFree86, this does not function properly with Blender/Tuhopuu2 and in some cases Wings3d. In order to correct this, run the following as you:

echo “Xcursor.core: 1” >> ~./Xresources

This only needs to be done once. Here’s an example of how it should look.

[[email protected] hazmat]$ echo “Xcursor.core: 1” >>~. /Xresources

Good luck, these RPMS may work on other rpm based distributions, such as mandrake, etc.

Lastly, I can’t warranty their effectiveness, but if you have problems, PM me and I’ll see what I can do.

Good Luck!


hey what does that xcursors thing do?


is there a command to restore the curser if we want?

Thanks for the rpms. It is a great service you have rendered

Sure, just pull that line out of your .Xresouces file.

Open the file with vi or emacs(gasp) and remove the newly added line.

Then restart X windows.

/sbin/telinit 3 (switch to console mode)

/sbin/telinit 5 (switch back to X mode)

Good luck!


Also, I have no idea what xcursors are, I just was having a heck of a time and caught a posting about it on the bug tracker.

However, if I were to guess I would say they are hardware cursor rendering…maybe…


XCursor is an X extension (library) for having animated, alpha blended, any-sized, super-duper-l33t-eye-candy cursors on XFree86.

Without it you’ll have the old and ugly and boring and non-animating and non-eye-candyfied (ie. aliased) b/w cursors.

Hardware rendering of cursors is accomplished by using the XRender extension (if possible/available) and hasn’t much to do with libXcursor itself, afaik.

Hope that helps.

heh. this is gettign out of hand, but where did you got that xcursors command for .xresources? any docs on the subject? I’m interested… and I thought you cannot affect the way the cursor is now…


Sure, the orginal link to the bug report is here:

Basically just followed his advice, worked great for me as I was getting really whacked screen errors anytime I used blender.

It was a pain.


hmm, I never had any problems with redhat 9 and blender :slight_smile:
I was just interested on info about xcursors… t´hanks anyways.


As long as everything goes as planned for the development team, I plan on having a 2.30 Blender RPM up and available on Halloween.

I’ll keep the old one up as well.



great news! thanks


Hi, I need Tuhopuu2 with the Game Engine. Can you make that? Please!!! :slight_smile:

In your tuhopuu2 , the game engine is still desable. I couldnt create a game with sound with it.