I was just curious to post this question. Linux users. Redhat now has enterprise editions, so if you want to stay up to date, you have to pay hundreds of dollars.

my question is, if you buy redhat now, can you install it on as many computers as you want? Or are you restricted against that? I know about fedora, I’m just interested in the redhat side of it for this question.

thanks to all.

or try centOS which is the free enterprise edition - read the license

If you’re just doing desktop stuff, I suggest something less RPMish and go with Ubuntu. If you like your RPMs then go with fedora core. Fedora is still redhat, it’s just a different name, and newer packages.

There’s also White Box Enterprise Linux.

Yes you can install it on many PC’s you want, since much of the software is GPL’ed.
What you pay here is RHN accounts and their full support.
I don’t know if they ship some commercial closed source software with their distro. If yes, this could prevent you to install it everywhere…

In any case, the only reason you want Red Hat Enterprise are three:

  1. You need a very secure, tested and maintained distro (this means old software versions in some cases)
  2. You need full time and quick support (well, it’s enterprise class, you don’t want to ask to forums to your problems)
  3. You need certifications that it works with some of the most important unix products (like Oracle 11g database, for example or Alias Maya 6.5 Unlimited)

For other uses, Fedora Core 3 is the same as RedHat, but with newer software and no support. RHE is developed and tested using older Fedora distros… This is the legacy project.

Hope this helps.