Hey there! I’m glad to introduce you my new character for Prime media studio’s. Visualisation of the character from the comic “Hearts for sale” by Miyuli. Done with Blender and Marvelous Designer
Presentation video

Wow. Pro quality here. Amazing work on details and proportions. Nothing wrong just perfect.

This looks really good, and the original comic is a fantastic read too. Love the use of color here.

You can find the story on the artist’s Tumblr if you want to read it yourself.

Beautiful, 5 stars from me!

Really lovely, 5 stars!


This is truly amazing!

Incredible work… love it. 3 thumbs up for me.

So beautiful!!! Love it~

Damn you’re slaying it, 5 stars from me

That’s the kind of quality I’m aspiring to achieve , Well done buddy , amazing :eek:

My brain just expanded a little…

Amazing art work! Truly breath taking! (:

wow, nice work,

Just incredible and so well done.

This is beautiful. Well done

Perfect. I really liked

Wow. Really cute . It would be awesome to see an animated version/extract of the comic, using this model.

Thank you!

Thanks a lot:)

Absolutely amazing work!
Do you mind if I ask what technique you use to model the heads? Do you sculpt them first and retopo or are you building out the edge loops and pulling them back and forth between front view/side view?

Назар, ты как всегда) Самая яркая работа в топе именно твоя. Ты крут!