Redirect Python output to Interactive Console

When I code in Python, I always use a script that I edit iteratively and see its output in a separate window. How do I do this in Blender?

For example, I have two panels open: Text Editor and Interactive Console. I would like to write code in the Text Editor, press Alt+P, then see my output in the Interactive Console. How do I do that?


  • Show the package contents
  • Browse through Contents > MacOS
  • Double-click the blender executable to run the Blender terminal together with the UI
  • Python will output to the Blender terminal

Open info window, drag down top menu option to view python operation notes… or see what appears in “console” but that is only “generated” output not function calls as in info window…

Thanks @Jambay, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for. It only prints out Blender Python function calls, and no outputs from print calls.

mo0nykit, I just start blender from a terminal window; output from print statements appear in that window.

@howardt, I’m not on my Mac yet. As an aside, I also found a recent thread on the same topic:
python - where’s my output?

Note: “command window” is hidden with latest Blender, you must “expand” (maximize) to seen print statements. I’m on Windows, maximize “hidden” console window, and re-size so I can see inline print statements.


@Jambay, thanks. Do you have an idea how it might go with the Mac, without having to dig through