Redirecting Normals

Is there any way to get the normals in a mesh to point all one direction? If so how?


In edit mode, select all faces, and Mesh->Normals->(outside or inside, whatever you want).

Nono I mean if I want them all pointing in down in the Z direction what would I do?

Normals in Blender are Face Normals (vertex normals can only be got at via Python) so they point in the direction of the Face; either in or out. You may be able to do what you want with Python but I don’t recall it being done before.


Right now Blender’s vertex normals are not editable, and are simply derived from the adjacent face normals. Joeri Kassenaar is apparently developing editable vertex normals for a future Blender version (I don’t think it got into 2.43?). What are you trying to do anyway? Perhaps there’s a workaround in the mesh tools (for objects/particles) or in the node system (eg lighting).

I’m trying to get a particle flow to go in one direction. However the object speed in the particle settings doesn’t move them fast enough.

I’m trying to duplicate an effect I saw in a youtube video that used a suzzane that “flew” away in particles. I’ll see if I can find the video.