RedKitchen - Yafaray

This is another try with Yafaray.
Yafaray: PM & FG, AO
Blender: Z Depth


wow, that looks great!
like the people, pasted on to it.
keep it up

Great look.

Looks great. For your next project you might want to add some dirt, scratches, and stuff to make things look more realistic.

Hi guys…
Thanks for comments! :slight_smile:

yea the bicycle looks a little… too clean =P but the kitchen / people look almost photo real… good work!

The furniture are too shiny. I’ve got prette the same kitchen that I’'ve modelled once in Yaf(a)ray. It should look more like this, in my opinion.


The mother and daughter, which I assume the relationship, are natural, but don’t blend well with the rest as others look CG. Forgive my doubt, if they are 3D models I would give double thumb-ups!

Looks a bit over exposed, desaturated and noisy.

What is your setting for red material ?
thank you in advance

It seems over lit to me. Why isn’t the outside green and blue? Very rarely do I look out my windows and see overblown white landscape.

As expected of pixelarq. Haven’t seen you around here lately. =) Great work!