RedMoon: In Game Shots!

(Haunted-House) #1

I Added some in game screenshots:

After hours of working on the handgun and shotgun they came out great!
I’m quite surprised at the results it feels so solid. The control is much like half-life, using the mouse to look, the directional arrows to move, the left mouse button to fire, and the right button to manuelly reload…I think I’m going to remake it, it’s getting more and more un-managable…and I’m not talking about just a few logic bricks and python scripts :x

(gargola) #2

oye Sebastian las armas look sweet! :smiley:

(S_W) #3

Hey the weapons look great! :stuck_out_tongue:
How did you make the textures, with Photoshop…?

(Haunted-House) #4

I used Real weapon pictures and with a bit of skillful Photoshop editing I ended up with techno weapon textures. :smiley:

Here’s the site I used:
They have pictures of Assault Rifles submachine guns, handguns, ect

(S_W) #5

Hey, useful site! Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue:

(ineedanewbi) #6

y are there always "X"s in the top left of where the picture is suppost to be?

i cant see any of the pics

what is wrong with my comp?

(saluk) #7

Very very nice!

(Haunted-House) #8

y are there always "X"s in the top left of where the picture is suppost to be?

i cant see any of the pics

what is wrong with my comp?

Take a look at your internet settings…

(Pooba) #9

Nice looking! can’t wait for it to come out!


(Haunted-House) #10

Updated - look at the first post

(saluk) #11

Looks very classy, but those logic bricks!!!

Oh my gosh, you need a much cleaner system or it wont get anywhere. I feel bad for you, even trying to change stuff on there, man, the horror!

(Haunted-House) #12

Lagan: “I’m going to change a few logic bricks…” never returns

That’s not even all of it, just whats fits on my screen at once :frowning:
This time I’m going to use more python and less logic bricks!

(Carl) #13

about those logicbricks:

you should take a look at blendedHKU’s post on python in the game engine…

it allows you to use sensors and actuators that are attached to python scripts, from other python scripts (therefore any object can get information from any other) without drawing a line between the two object

that way your logicbricks wont be that messy… lines that are cross-object usually get very hard to follow…

BlendedHKU’s idea rests on the principle of putting the controller of each object in a dictionary… the controller of an object can acces all the sensors and actuators attached to it… but now any other script can acces those sensors and actuators by accessing the dictionary’s appropriate controller…

good luck


(lizard809) #14

im making a first person shooter that has a heavy amount of python in it ant it is working great, lagan, i highly suggest you learn game python, you wont regret it.

are the shadows done with vertex painting? :my fps in exe form

now it works, CAPITAL D for Desktop

(saluk) #15

File not found lizard…

(Haunted-House) #16

Hey wait a minute, when did I say I didn’t know python or didn’t use it in Blender?

I just need to use more python but, some things just need to be done with logic bricks. I wish you could control everything with python in Realtime Blender…oh well…

For the shadows I used an alpha texture on planes, the result is very nice.

(TorQ) #17

Looks really good so far. I am very excited lately to see all of these really good looking projects. You know, that is one of the ways that Blender will survive, user projects impressing other people with Bleders capabilities. Everybody keep up the good work.