I’m actually kind of new to compositing, so I’m having a hard time creating this type of light. Can anyone help me?

Funny thing is, if I just randomly create a material, it almost always is not what I want but ends up being just another awesome material I don’t use…lol

Look up some volumetric lighting tutorials. That’s going to be the best approach. The idea would be, render your volumetric lights, then adjust it in the compositor (or photoshop) to achieve this result. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Thing is, I can’t use Gimp or Photoshop, since I don’t know how to use their enhancement tools Volumetric lighting? I want the material to show up like that when I add in a light, not the light itself. sorry I should have made that clear in the first post. I want this to be a material on an plane object, and when a light shines, it will appear based on how far it is to the camera