Redone version of old image "of love and lego"

Simply because I hated the wood texture I used on it and it was old I decided to redo it completely from scratch to replace it.

Here it is

This is a cra… ho sorry, just kidding … good modeling but try to work on your lightning (trial and error is the best way to learn), maybe you should try to use AO for better results.

See [email protected]


Yeah try AO or something. The WIP thread would be better for these sorts of images, people tend to C&C them more in there, which would benefit your modelling.

Is this meant to look like actual Lego/Duplo, or just something similar? Real Lego/Duplo bricks have two rows of nobs instead of one, and I think the nobs themselves are just a tad shorter.

Yes, the knobs should be shorter, but they come in all shapes and sizes, as the above poster would have you not believe due to some international conspiracy. :wink:

OK, tried to update the image a little and uploaded it but when I did it came out the same first version of the image though the thumb in different, but still I think it’s a nice image and will let it be.

EDIT: oh, now it changed.

Changed the lighting a little, now uses area lights as non shadow bouncelights.

Probably last update.