Redshift is coming!

Here is the link to the talk.


it’s amazing

Well, version 3 is not even officially released, Blender integration is not in “coming soon” slide, but on the “the future” slide, which can be anything. But I also would like to see this future RT version and how it compares to UE.

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Am I the only person getting this?

nop i get thisClipboard01

This error usually means that their SSL certificate is out of date. I didn’t have any issues going to the link. Maybe they fixed it?

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Guys it is a link to the CPU Developers Conference site.

I get the feeling that Redshift for Blender won’t be coming.


P.S.: Oh, and remind me to not renew my RS license (currently in use for Houdini Indie). :face_vomiting: : “What will happen to Redshift support for other 3D applications?

Maxon and Redshift are committed to continue active development and support for Maya, 3dsmax, Houdini and Katana; as well as the announced plugin for Blender. Welcome to the Maxon community!”

its okay, maxon =/= autodesk i guess


LoL and I just gave them $500. Well I guess the good news is that it Wasn’t Autodesk. I am seeing this happen more and more. The little companies are getting swallowed up by larger companies. I am starting to believe this is a Reaction to the new Blender. I think it is scaring their investors more then they let on. Personally I think Adobe and Autodesk deserve to be destroyed. They lost me when they said people could no longer just buy their software outright.


Maybe it won’t be as bad as you think, according to some info in this thread:

I am holding a flyer from Redshift. I got it at Siggraph. It has the Blender Logo on it. :slight_smile:
They said in 2-3 weeks there will be a developer build available.


Oh snaps! my body is ready!

Did they mention the Metal Mac version?

I didn’t ask about Mac versions sorry…

ALL RIGHT! MY CG WORLD IS COMPLETE!!! I´ll show those… …
Yeah! Thanks for the heads up.

Hmm. So any more word or other information from SIGGRAPH on B4RS?

E cycles is probably going to be faster anyway. Is it ?

Probably not, especially if you use irradiance cache in Redshift.

no. Once Redshift enters the arena, not only will be getting speed, we’ll get custom AOVs. No more shading-mummbo-jumbo to create passes.