Redshift is coming!

I agree that reactivity isn’t great (it’s running on a laptop though), it’s never been Redshift’s forte…

And sorry but I disagree, Cycles+Optix is amazing, but miles aways from game engines or what EEVEE + Raytracing GI / Reflections could be. You want to see the details of your materials in realtime to be able to adjust them, not blurred away by the denoiser.


I compared cucles+denoising with this exact demo of RedShift RT

From what I understand, Redshift RT is rasterizer (like EEVEE) + raytraced shadows/GI/reflections, so it is the same comparison. See how materials and textures keep their details as he moves the camera. You won’t get this behavior with Cycles + denoiser in complex lighting situations like this one, at least not in my experience (I still need to try the recent albedo fix for Optix viewport denoiser though).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not impressed by Redshift anymore. It had a strong advantage in the past, I was an early adopter, but realtime engines is where it’s at.

Redshift itself is a great production renderer. I use it as main workhorse for lat 3 years and I have very few reasons to use something else. Waiting full blender version - it will help my workflow a lot.
It’s Redshift RT is what looks like wasted time. But let’s wait maybe this will be better on release.

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wouldn’t the switch to Vulcan help here with giving eeVee the needed raytracing tools?

If I recall correctly that is what AMD Radeon Pro Render offers on windows.

Vulkan allows to do that but it’s not just like “Enable Raytrace - On” somewhere in config. It needs proper implementation on the eevee side. And it’s not an easy job.

I know it is not easy but something to think about

What I woul like is GI like what’s coming to gotod whichworks on every card, I wonder if it uses Vulkan as well, it probably does.

it is some king of extremely hacky screen space GI in Godot. You don’t need vulkan for that.

Redshift is an Amazing Renderer and I am glad it’s finally showing up. I just am bummed it took 1.5 years longer then they said it would…

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Well, if it doesn’t, for old cards that’s nice, I just hope we get some easy and performant GI like that. I have a 1650 and that’s a very new card but not RTX, so some of us want something compatible with that.

When I first started learning 3D (1986) real-time rendering was a pipe-dream, a mythic tale spun by software salespeople about what was coming down the pike… someday.

Even a few years later when I was preparing my first animation festival entry, one wireframe model (maybe 200 to 300 triangles) took up to a two minutes to refresh every time the viewing angle was changed (no matter how little or how much it was changed).

We’re living the dream, people. Living the dream. :slight_smile:


This is huge! Bright future ahead for Blender. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get Renderman in the future

Renderman was / is available for Blender 2.79. Pixar seems to have dropped interest in Blender support since the dawn of version 2.8. :slightly_frowning_face: I believe they still haven’t released an API so Blender add-on devs can create a bridge to the latest Renderman version.

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Yeah. Renderman for Blender was abandoned when Brian Savery left Pixar. I used it for a while in the beginning and it was very promising. Even back then it had more powerful nodes than most other render engines have today. Too bad they didn’t continue.

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Same here. I loved the look of Renderman when I used it in 2.79.

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Not only the look - look-wise a lot of them are awesome. But it had randomization nodes to drive UV mapping (which only Cycles can do), it had edge beveling (which Luxcore lacks) and it had at ton of options to export render passes via LPE.

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Yes, and it has a bidirectional path tracer, for great caustics. But lately I’m quite charmed by LuxCoreRender.

Sorry for the off-topic deviation guys.

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Maybe not too off-topic. Let’s see how Redshift deals with those features.

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Since multiple studios are working on USD integration, we will get renderman and redshift working anyway

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