Reduce .blend file size - A few Questions

Last month, I worked on a little Game. But after a while the .blend file got bigger and bigger, up to 200mb, so I searched for issues, my project had. After I googled my brain out I found out, that in the BGE, each duplicated object has its own Logic Bricks. Even when you link those objects, the logic bricks are still stored for each object and not linked. That could be the “storage-eater” in my game! So how do I link logic bricks, so that they arent saved redundantly?:smiley:

make use of add object.

learn/use python :slight_smile:

Logic bricks are tiny in storage space. Far mlre likely is that yoh duplicated the meshes as well. As a general rule, use alt+d (linked copy) rather than shift+d once you have built the mesh. Make sure you don’t have duplicate images stored (only one of each should be visible in the image viewer) - particularly if you then use ‘pack into blend.’
Using grouping tools and addObject (as Daedalus_MDW says), is also an excellent idea.

You can also check the ‘compress file’ option when saving.

I discovered recently that you can completely screw up blend files if you run poorly written python bpy scripts. They can leave shrapnel that doesn’t how up. As a result, you can try appending every object to a new blend.

An easy way to reduce the file size is:

open a new file
append all scenes from the original file

often the new file is smaller than the original one.