Reduce details/ resolution of a 3D object


I have created a model and I have exported it as an .obj file. Unfortunately, it seems that the model has a lot of details and I can’t import it to sweet home 3d. I did not have any problems with the other objects I have created. Any ideas on what to do?

The file is too big to be imported here. The dowload link for the file is here:

Here you can find the same file before the parts of the chair have been merged together:

Many thanks.

First the wheels are non-manifold, so you would have to turn those into actual wheels. Looks like you had a subsurf of some sort applied to the parts of the mesh before export, so those came over “frozen” as a mesh. When I export an .obj I remove any subdivision I had and then sub surf it in the target application. Correcting the non-manifold issues will allow you use a decimate modifier on the mesh as a whole.

Is the Blender file that huge, or just the export?

Look at this vid to remove non manifold edges and then use a decimate modifier on the mesh.

On second thoughts, you may have to manually decimate this model. There is way too much geometry on flat areas that could be easily simplified and isn’t needed unless you really require a massively high res mesh for shattering or collisions or some such.

The decimate modifier works on some simple shapes but seems to make a mess of your model.

Thanx guys.
When I export the .blend file to an .obj there is the problem. I have already applied the subdsurf modifiers while I was creating the object (I know that this is a mistake, but I have done it in the past when I did not know…) so how can I undo that? When I export the file as obj I have tried to unselect the “apply modifiers” options but nothing happened (I think because I have already applied them). I will see the video and try that at night.
Is there another way to just reduce the resolution or the details of the obj/ blend file?

As far as I understand it, decimate works to simplify geometry, but only works reliably on simple shapes and primitives. Other than that you can go into the edit view and select all the verts within a single plane and use “merge”.

if a simple model then re do it in blender!

or try to retopo it !


what do you mean by retop it? have the other as background and do it again ?

see wiki

you redo a lower res model over your high res one!

this often used when doing scupt or dynatopo


I will try that. Thank you!