reduce objects actor size in realtime?

is there a way to do this?

or, is there a way to remove the actor from an object?

Your question is unclear. I think you want to change an objects scale in the GE?? One way to do this is to put the scaling into an action and then use an action actuator to play that animation. There may be a method to do it with python. But I haven’t come across it.

well basically what i want to know is how to remove the actor(the physics) from an object while the game is running.

This code should suspend the dynamics of an object:

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController() 
obj = cont.getOwner() 

and to restore dynamics:


thanks, that’s what i wanted, but it didn’t work the way i thought it would.

well here’s my problem:

when ob:man is hit by ob:rocket, man’s armature plays 1-10 using an action. But the position of the bounds doesnt change with the armature, which is my problem. I mean, i can make the bounds move with the armature, but they stay sticking up.

Well I was miles off with my first guess about what you are after. So I’m not keen to hazard a guess without further clarification. So lets see:

  • man is hit by rocket
  • man plays animation
  • man disappears (leaves game) ???

If this is correct have you considered Actuator :Edit Object > End Object.

nevermind, i figured it out