Reduce opacity of SOME reflections?

I just don’t like how the reflections from the bottle look on the gold cap. Is there a way to hide the bottles in the reflection? (other than remove glossy ray visibility) . I tried using some of the light ray settings but my knowledge on how they work is limited.

Ideally I would be able to influence how much they show, with a transparency node or something.

Is this possible?


Your shader has gotten a little out of control, and you should focus on the fundamentals instead of trying light path node tricks. You have glossy metal nodes with a roughness of 1, which is essentially diffuse. And your glossy color is almost black, for metals they will have color, but much closer to white (yellow white) And then you’re mixing in glossy using facing which is backwards. You should take a look at some of elbrujodeltribu metal shaders on blendswap, they can be interesting to look into and they all look great, you can just use them, and be done with it.
Metals on blendswap

Is there a way to hide the bottles in the reflection?

Make two scenes. The second scene has to be a full copy. Then you erase the plane and bottles.

Then in the video sequence editor you add the 2 scenes and do an alpha over. Just make sure the transparent checkbox is enabled in scene 2 (Scene.001).

Hmmm, interesting work around. I will try that, thank you