reduce polygond on a 3 millions triangle mesh

I have a sculpted model (3 millions triangle). I need to delete the lower multires level. Now I want to make a lowpoly with retopo, but it is very slow. So I need to reduce polys, but Blender freezes with the decimate modifier. I try the edit mode mesh “poly reducer” script, but it fails too.

Any idea?

With errors? Or just unresponsive? If it’s just a normal freeze, let it run over night. I think you would probably know (but just in case) the decimate mod makes the topology look terrible But if you will retopo on top of i, that won’t be a problem.

ANOTHER way would be to split your model in 2 or 3 parts then apply the decimator and then after you can combine it again

hope it helps

Did you try the “Poly Reduce Selection (Unsubsurf)” script, right above that one? This one preserves topology and edge-flow really well (though you have to run it twice for expected results).

You may want to split the model as suggested by RickyBlender … the sheer density of your mesh may cause the scripts to lock/crash Blender, even the one that’s right for the job.

wow this is a simple and good idea
with split I no need to decimate
I splitted the model to 10 parts and when I retopo I show only the needed parts

thank you :slight_smile:

Meshlab has a really nice decimation plugin that produces some quite clean results…you might want to try that.

A few months back, i did a free video for Eat3d that shows a comparison between Polygon Cruncher and Meshlab’s decimation quality

I reduced a 500k model to 2k in the video so its a little different to the situation that you are in, but i thought i would post it anyway :stuck_out_tongue: