Reduce shininess for all textures on a model

I would like to import a 3ds file, then reduce the shininess for all the model’s textures in one go. Furthemore, export the model as 3ds. Is it possible? I’m having problems with getting blender to save material information when exporting to 3ds.

to reduce shinyness, reduce the specularity and/or increase the ambient. as far as import/export to 3ds, you’ll have to check with the python guys.

Yes, it works to reduce specularity. But the way I’m doing it now I have to do it manually for each texture of a model. So if a model consist of e.g. 5 textures and I need to change many models it’s going to be a tedious process. Is there a way of selecting all textures in a model and then change specularity for all of them?