reduce Vertices

i don’t remember where this function is located!

what is the function to reduce the number of verticies and where is it located?


There is a Python script called “Poly reducer”. Set one of your windows to Scripts and select Poly reducer from the Scripts / Mesh menu.

there’s also Remove Doubles, and Discombobulator

Or “decimate”. Edit buttons (F9). Modifiers -> decimate.


From my experience

Decimate modifier produces a nice reduced mesh, but destroys any UV mapping

Poly Reducer script doesnt produce such a nice mesh, but does preserve UV mapping well

Discombobulater has nothing to do with mesh reduction, I think that was a typo


the name i was looking for was decimator !

i also began to use the Discombobulator but i did not have any application note - seems to be very complicated !
it did not work - i had to Alt-P seperate all before many things began to work
before that i had use the Boolean operator on two objects and they where stuck together


I don’t know why I forgot decimate. Mom was right TV rotted my brain .LOL
If you care to know for the future what discombobulator does, it basically sub-divides all the faces of your object and then randomly extrudes them to varying lengths. It will do this in two stages. It is often used to add “greebles” to space ships and often overused by noobs that first discover the scripts menu.

with the number of variables in the GUI it look to me like a terminator not a decimator

is there a place where we can find some donc on this script or other scripts included wiht Blender the terminator

and what happen to the new object after a boolean opeation everything was stuck together
i had to separate everything to get back to normal objects?